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Ocarina Of Time Chaos Edition Download 2021

Super Mario 64 Chaos EditionThumbnail taken from YouTubeHack informationCreatorKaze EmanuarPublishedSeptember 25, 2014Number of stars121Number of courses15Number of side courses9Download link(s) _chaos_edition/ =details&id=12307&p=sectionSuper Mario 64 Chaos Edition is a romhack made by Kaze Emanuar in 2014 and contains 121 stars. This hack doesn't change anything in any of the games level. But this utilizes a Special Gecko Mod (or Gamesharks) which allow it to automatically activate and deactivate random codes at random times. This hack is made to challenge players to play through Mario 64 while the random codes either impedes or helps with any progress through the game. Latest version is 4.0

Ocarina Of Time Chaos Edition Download

Another problem might be if you are playing it for the first time and the OotModLoader hasn't downloaded Bizhawk. Bizhawk are zip files included in the downloaded folder of OotModLoader. If they do not automatically download, extract them into your general mod folder where you've extracted your modding details. This should be done automatically the first time you boot the mod.

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