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Christmas Backing Tracks For Guitar

Here is our complete collection of backing tracks for White Christmas. Written by Irving Berlin in 1942, it has been performed in a wide variety of jazz recordings from Bing Crosby to Charlie Parker.

Christmas Backing Tracks For Guitar

Download Zip:

MultiTracks and Split Track backing tracks are a great option for musical accompaniment for contemporary sounding carols. And, if you do have some musicians, they can play along with our MultiTracks with the backing track simply filling in for missing instruments.

Split Tracks are simple-to-use, low cost MP4 video backing tracks. They are ideally suited for smaller churches without musicians. A great alternative to MultiTracks for churches on a budget that want simple, quality backing tracks. Split Tracks feature on-screen words that change in time with the music. You can choose to have no vocals (for karaoke-style worship) or have full vocals and backing vocals in the mix.

If you are unable to get your audio gear latency below 20 milliseconds, you can click NEXT to proceed through setup with a high-latency audio profile. This will allow you to play with JamTracks and backing tracks, but not play with others.

In this Recorded Audio section, you can open recordings you've made in JamKazam sessions, JamTracks (multi-track recordings of popular songs) you've purchased from JamKazam, or audio files (i.e. simple backing tracks). You can also start a metronome that everyone in the session will hear. 041b061a72

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