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[S12E15] Stealing Home

A couple of neighbors tells Brass that they saw the house driving off the night before. Dwayne's brother, Jimmy, and his sister, Marla, both arrive. Jimmy and Dwayne immediately start fighting, with Dwayne accusing his brother of stealing the house, as it doesn't belong to him.

[S12E15] Stealing Home

Nick photographs four distinct sets of shoe prints around the property, while Sara discovers that the perpetrators simply cut through the water pipe before stealing the house. In fact, the house-robbers didn't even turn the water off. Nick explains how easy it actually is to steal a house, and the CSIs figure that Debbie was either dead or unconscious when the house was stolen, as she definitely would've heard something.

Dennis' phone records show a connection between him and Marla. She admits to Sara and Brass that she hired Dennis to steal the house in exchange for the two of them going on a date. Marla insists that she didn't know Fred was in the house, as she told Dennis to wait until the house was empty before stealing it. When asked why she wanted to steal the house in the first place, Marla says that her brothers started fighting over it right after their mother died. Furthermore, she's at a loss as to why they would want the house at all, telling Sara and Brass that it killed her mother when the porch collapsed on her due to termite damage. The house is now responsible for three deaths.

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Meanwhile, back at home Bart, Lisa, and Maggie have all gotten fat, as lately they have had to eat Homer's dinner along with their own. Lisa asks her mom why she doesn't just cook less, to which Marge states "I don't do things that way Lisa". 041b061a72

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