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We calculate the binding energy, root-mean-square radius, and quadrupole deformation parameter for the recent, possibly discovered superheavy element Z=122, using the axially deformed relativistic mean-field (RMF) and nonrelativistic Skyrme Hartree-Fock (SHF) formalisms. The calculation is extended to include various isotopes of Z=122 element, starting from A=282 to A=320. We predict highly deformed structures in the ground state for all the isotopes. A shape transition appears at about A=290 from a highly oblate to a large prolate shape, which may be considered as the superdeformed and hyperdeformed structures of the Z=122 nucleus in the mean-field approaches. The most stable isotope (largest binding energy per nucleon) is found to be 122302, instead of the experimentally observed 122292.


Series 2. - C:8/25/NP (A91-66)This Series contains administrative files (ca. 1970-1972) of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction relating to the grant funded Pilot Training Project for Personnel Participating in Pilot State Dissemination Programs. This multi-year program funded by the US Department of Health, Education and Welfare's Office of Education was intended to develop a model for information selection and dissemination from state departments of education to local schools. This Series was created and received by Associate Program Director Carl C. Fehrle who in cooperation with Program Director Charles Koelling administered the grant and the project. Included in the Series are correspondence files, state-visit reports for the various phases of the grant, instruction and training files, grant proposals and final grant reports and other administrative records relating to the administration and operation of the program.(3 c.f., 122291, 122292, 122293)Note to Researcher: This Series is currently unprocessed. Until thoroughly processed and inventoried, portions may not be fully available to researchers. This Series contains records that are confidential and thus restricted. See the restrictions note at the end of this finding aid. 041b061a72

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