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Finding Paradise Soundtrack [PC]l

I loved To the Moon, but I feel like you have to relate to the story being told in some way to really appreciate this kind of games, this is more true with Finding Paradise, the story isn't as powerful as TTM, so for a game that depends 100% on it, it is kinda lacking, also the soundtrack isn't as great as the original's. It's an endearing story, don't get me wrong, but TTM is a 10, while Finding Paradise is a 7-8ish for me.

Finding Paradise Soundtrack [PC]l


Kan Gao's life changed remarkably in 2011. That's the year his studio, Freebird Games, released To the Moon, a tender role-playing game about two doctors who travel through a dying man's memories to grant him a final wish. To the Moon launched quietly, but it had a resounding impact on the gaming industry -- it won a nomination at the 2012 Independent Games Festival and picked up other awards, including the headlining spot on my own "Best of 2011" lineup. Last year, To the Moon even showed up on a list of Engadget readers' favorite video game soundtracks.

To the Moon is built on the RPG Maker XP engine, which is used to create 16-bit 2D role-playing games in the style of Suikoden 1 and 2. However, unlike a typical RPG, To the Moon has no battle system (aside from a joke battle near the beginning), inventory system, nor party system. The game's focus, being a more story-driven game, is around puzzle solving, interpreting information from the subject's (Johnny's) life, and finding ways to get deeper into his memories.

To the Moon was originally released on the author's website and various digital download portals. It was made later also available via major digital distribution sites like Steam in November 2011 and in June 2012.[8] Originally available only for Windows, it was later released for OS X and Linux through Humble Bundle's "Humble Indie Bundle X" in January 2014.[1] Amaryllis Kulla ported the game with the open-source and cross platform RPG Maker XP game engine recreation MKXP.[2][1] Later this engine was also used for ports to other systems like the OpenPandora handheld.[9] In May 2017, To the Moon was also released on Android and iOS by X.D. Network Inc. with the cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies.[10] The game was localized in Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Polish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Vietnamese, Dutch, Korean, and Turkish.[11] The score of the game was composed by Gao, with a theme song titled "Everything's Alright" being written and performed by Laura Shigihara. The soundtrack was released on Bandcamp on November 4, 2011.

Fans know it too, as every annual soundtrack is as anticipated as the game release itself. It has an immediate impact on the world around them. If music is a feeling, then FIFA is our one true globally shared celebration. At its very best it can be life changing.

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