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Yanobox Mosaic 1.0 For Final Cut Pro X, After Effects ((FULL))

Composite On - This menu gives several options to composite the final effect and set the background appearing across the textured cells (when setting the Extraction Threshold

Yanobox Mosaic 1.0 for Final Cut Pro X, After Effects


Modify - This menu lets you tweak the texture atlas adding columns and rows with white, black or a transparent color. This option is very helpful to modify the luminance mapping. For example, adding a white column of cells will increase the lighten range of the final mosaic image.

NormaliZe is the first free Taronite after effects filter to reformat and normalize vectors as they are found in common maps (RGB = XYZ). You can tilt and invert each axis or a global inversion. For any image, you can use it also to normalize the color vector, which means it maximizes the saturation of any color. 041b061a72

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