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NHL 09

The 2009 edition of EA Sports ice hockey simulation refreshes all of the existing NHL and international team rosters and schedules and adds the Russian Elite League and sees the the addition of the "Be A Pro"-mode in which players create a new player and only control him on the field. This mode is also available in multiplayer for up to 12 players in 6-on-6-matches in which every player on the ice is controlled by a human.

NHL 09

The defensive stick control has also been revamped and now allows for example to prevent direct passes. And it's possible to control both puck and stick with one hand in the offensive, allowing the player to better outplay the goalie. Of course all this complicates the already complex controls even more so that now it's possible to switch to the control scheme from NHL '94 which only needs a few buttons and one analog stick to be successful.

After introducing 3 vs. 3 Online Team Play in NHL 08, NHL 09 expands the concept and introduces the EA Sports Hockey League (EASHL). The EASHL features a fully-human controlled 6 vs. 6 online hockey experience, connecting gamers worldwide like never before. Take your created player and join a team with friends, or scout for players online. Play selfish, sloppy hockey and you could find yourself without a team. Play well and you may find other teams looking to acquire your services. Using the same dynamic on-ice view as the Be A Pro mode, each player will have a third person camera putting them right on the ice. With the EASHL you can become the first great name in videogame hockey.

The ground-breaking Skill Stick System evolves in NHL 09 to bring an unmatched level of control on the defensive side of the puck. The all-new Defensive Skill Stick will enable you to sweep your stick 360 degrees to block passing lanes, poke check effectively and introduces stick lifts to hockey videogames. On offense, the Skill Stick adds the one-handed deke to your arsenal of weapons. Players can now make highlight reel plays by having the ability to tap the puck to one hand, and slide it past a sprawling goalie. Take a proven formula, sprinkle on some innovation, throw in a whole new way to play and see for yourself why every EA Sports gamer will love NHL 09.

The SPORTS REFERENCE and STATHEAD trademarks are owned exclusively by Sports Reference LLC. Use without license or authorization is expressly prohibited.Most historical data provided by Dan Diamond and Associates.

On my 12th birthday, I got a floppy drive, I stayed up all night playing Stock Market for Commodore 64. I owned everyone I knew at the various NHL titles for Genesis. I first learned how to code in LPC in the middle of the night from a heroine addict on the campus of Michigan State University back in 1992 when MUDding was the only ORPG there was. I was a journalism major my first time through college, and have been writing off and on since, and programmed up until 5 years ago, when I put down the tools of ignorance to become a business analyst. I'm a member of several gaming 12 step programs for MMO's, and I don't game nearly as much as I used to. I'm mostly on the lookout for items you haven't already seen reviewed 50 times, whether they are games, or just things a gamer might use. I'm now work out of GN's east coast office in Boston, and looking forward to spending the weekends my fiancee is away with Boston University Women's Hockey playing games while the snow falls. View Profile

Boston, led by shutdown defenseman Zdeno Chara, outmuscled theBlackhawks and received timely scoring from Conn Smythe Trophywinner Phil Kessel to capture its sixth Stanley Cup, and firstsince 1972. Kessel, playing on the Bruins top line with playoffleading scorer Marc Savard, delivered two overtime game-winnersduring the Finals. He finished with 14 goals in the playoffs,including five in the Finals.

The EA SPORTS simulation predicts Boston and Chicago will appearin the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in 17 and 15 years,respectively. Boston last appeared in the Stanley Cup Finals in1990, losing 4 games to 1 to the Edmonton Oilers. Chicago lost infour straight games to Pittsburgh in the 1992 Stanley CupFinals.

The NHL 09 computerized simulation is conducted using artificialintelligence that uses real-life data from each team, such asplayer ratings and line combinations, and includes variances suchas injuries and hot streaks to predict a realistic outcome of eachgame and series.

B-roll footage of the EA SPORTS Stanley Cup Final playoffsimulation between Boston and Chicago is available by contactingSteve Frost. Screen shots of the playoff simulation are availableat

There was a time when the biggest obsession for professional athletes was how they were portrayed on their collectable cards. That has since been replaced by Athlete Gripe 2.0: How their particular skill set is portrayed in a sports video game.

For example, St. Louis Blues rookie forward T.J. Oshie isn't thrilled with his numbers in EA Sports' NHL 09. According to a poster on the EA Sports boards, the roster update earlier this month added Oshie to the game with an overall rating of 74.

For those of you like me who aren't video-game junkies, the games today actually rate the players' skill level in real life and then program those individual players to have a certain skill level in the game.

When I interviewed Rick Nash out at 2K Sports headquarters earlier this year, he talked about what attributes he'd like to see improved in his virtual self, but was unclear about whether or not he actually used the Columbus Blue Jackets in NHL 2K9.*

I'm a casual gamer (does that make me softcore?), but when I do play I never use my team, the New Jersey Devils; both because it's more fun to play in someone else's sandbox, and because the computer stubbornly refuses to allow me to stack up five guys on the defensive blue line in order to truly play "Devils hockey."

(Detroit Red Wings fans need not answer this. We get it. Your team is great and Marian Hossa skates through video game defenders like Mario running through turtles after grabbing a star. Mario the Plumber, not the other Super Mario.)

** Mike Green's drink of choice is a "double vodka and water." He's drinking that, Crosby's drinking Crown Royale ... do any of these kids knock back a tasty brew or 10 any more? Man, it's tough being a "Slap Shot" guy in a Details magazine world.

I have recently started moving my games into an external hard drive and I am havingtrouble downloading FIFA 10 and installing NHL 09. All my other games are working fine but these two. What should I do?

2. Select your desired install folder for games within Origin. To do this, click on Origin in the top left corner, then Application Settings > Advanced > and click on Change... for "Your Games will be installed to the following location"

j'ai acheté NHL09 sur ORIGIN, j'ai pu y jouer pendant quelques temps mais maintenant le jeu ne démarre plus (nhl2009.exe a cessé de fonctionner). J'ai réinstallé le jeu mais le même message s'affiche.

I purchased NHL 09 PC version a few years ago and have been playing it since. I'm in the 5th year of a dynasty and would like to continue playing with the team I've painstakingly built. I recently bought a new computer and tried to install the game and it keeps asking for the key number, but I can't find the key number sticker or written down anywhere. I've looked in the original plastic case, the disc, the manual and can't find it anywhere. I've gone through the game files and saved game info and haven't been able to find it there either. I've tried copying all the game files directly to the new computer, but when I try to start the game it asks for the key number. Is there a way to find out the number or is there some way that will unlock the game for me? I started with NHL 99, then NHL 03, then NHL 09 and have thoroughly enjoyed the game and the realism as it's evolved over the years. I've looked for the NHL 15 PC version of the game in stores, but haven't seen it yet. I appreciate any help you can provide with my problem.

Developer(s): EA CanadaPublisher(s): Electronic ArtsGenre: SportsWikipedia: LinkGame description: Welcome to the future of sports gaming with NHL 09. With all-new Be A Pro mode, step onto the ice and play an entire career as yourself through a dynamic camera angle that brings you closer to the action than ever before. For rookie players, an easy-to-use game control system evens the playing field, allowing newcomers to challenge more experienced players as soon as the puck drops. Playing with the confidence of an All-Star, storm the European front by playing out a Dynasty career in some of the most prominent leagues in Europe. Whether you-re a proven veteran or picking up the game for the first time, strive to Be a Pro and become a legend with NHL 09.

There is a fake free agent player, Sabrina Ladha, a goalie with a 98 OVR rating. To make sure she does not end up playing for another team in your Dynasty or Be A Pro mode, use the "Edit Player" feature in the creation zone. Get to the free agents, and go down to "S. LADHA". Edit her ratings down to "50" on everything. This will ensure that nobody signs her. Alternately, choose to sign her to a team that you will not be using or playing against, such as like a European or National team.

Go to the Create A Player screen, and make a player with a 99 overall rating. Go to Be A Pro mode. Instead of selecting "Be A Pro", chose to play as an NHL player. Find your created player on the roster that you placed him on. He will be the best player in the league with a 99 overall rating and will get easy points.

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