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Cloud Mining Bitcoin 2017 Timeline Events For Kids

Influential members of the Bitcoin community met in Hong Kong to discuss a development plan and timeline for scaling Bitcoin. The closed-door meeting included over 30 miners, service providers, and Bitcoin Core developers and was meant to address solutions to the block size debate.The meeting concluded with a public statement proposing the group's support for the new Segregated Witness functionality, and making a hard fork in the Bitcoin protocol available that would increase the block size limit between 2MB and 4MB by July 2016.Others in the Bitcoin community denounced the meeting as being inconsequential as the parties involved represented a small handful of Bitcoin companies and special interest groups.Sources: @bitcoinroundtable/bitcoin-roundtable-consensus-266d475a61ff -miners-back-proposed-timeline-for-2017-network-hard-fork/ _have_consensus_in_april_we_get_sw_3_months/

Cloud Mining Bitcoin 2017 Timeline Events For Kids

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